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                                                                     Hmong American Alliance Church (HAAC) is honored                                                                       to have Reverend Ntsum Thai Vang as our Senior                                                                             Pastor after Dr. Timothy Txawj Teev Vang have                                                                                 retired from Pastoral ministry in 2022. 


                                                                     Reverend Ntsum Thai's higher education includes                                                                           graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems at Regis University, a Master of Divinity in leadership at Denver Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry at Bethel Seminary.

He has served in Pastoral ministries for the Hmong District (HD) of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) since 2013. From 2013-2104, he served as the lay pastor of First United Hmong Alliance Church in Westminster, CO. In 2014, he answered God's calling and became the Senior Pastor for Alliance Church of Merced (ACOM) in Merced, CA. He served until the end of 2022.


Rev. Ntsum Thai also served as a DEXCOM pastor member from 2018-2021. Presently, Rev. Ntsum Thai serves as a committee member on the Mission Mobilize Team (HD Mission Ministry) and as the chairman of the Licensing, Ordination, and Consecration Council (LO&CC) of the HD.  

Rev. Ntsum Thai firmly believes that the only way for lost people to see the love of Christ is through the love of the local churches. The local churches need to actively engage in the community to share the love of Christ and the gospel. Furthermore, he has a passion for uniting and encouraging HD pastors to support one another in ministry. He believes that all HD pastors are brothers in Christ and should help and love one another like brothers.

He and his wife, Pang (N. Rev. Ntsum Thai), have been married since 1993. They are the proud parents of four children (Angel (28), Austin (26), Isabella (12), and Isaac (7)), a daughter-in-law (Angel) and a son-in-law (Preston Comer), and five grandchildren (Kayden, Karsyn, Kensli, Journey, and Legend).

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