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HAAC members, please sign up in the lobby for directory photo sessions with Mr. and Mrs. Tswv Kaus Yaaj as you come to church.

Picture taking begins:

FEBRUARY 10 - APRIL 29, 2023

HLUB 2023

Hi parents and guardians!

Please consider sending your youths to HLUB 2023. It would be a life changing experience for young people. This year, we would like all parents to register online on their own. Our Youth Leadership Team will only require a receipt from you to confirm that you have registered. If parents and students need assistance to register, we will have a registration table in the lobby every Sunday starting Dec. 4th. .Please note that all youth will need to turn in a waiver form and a transportation fee of $100 in addition to registration. If you have any questions, please talk to Kx. Tswv Foom Xyooj as you come to church.

Register online HERE:  

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